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Extra-Curricular Activities

The school boasts of well qualified and experienced teachers who are taught to handle children in a professional and nurturing manner. A favorable teacher student ratio of 25:1 helps the faculty to focus on each child’s needs and cater to their development.

At NCHS, each student will have right to education with a strong awareness of rules and consequences they are able to choose right conduct and act responsibly. This is a vital quality for each citizen in a democracy. The school provides an environment where students will evolve into fearless and responsible individuals. This stems from our belief that when self-esteem is inculcated in children at an early age, honesty and courage get ingrained into their character.

A day in the life of the school

The day starts at 9:00 am with a morning assembly followed by a short silent prayer, reading of the newspaper stating the important news headlines every day and followed by physical activities day warm up exercises.

Innovative Learning

An excellent and extraordinary performance from the child has always been the dream of every parent. We at NCHS try our best to meet your expectation at an affordable platform. Apart from our regular curriculum, with a schedule of 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, we facilitate our children with 6 periods each of 45 minutes. In the circle of 6 periods they are introduced to : Methodical Study
Class room teaching being the prime source of providing education to a mass, we have audio-visual rooms that are well equipped with projectors giving the children to experience and understand the subject
Following the trend of the technical world, digital Study Board are also available to the students to enhance their learning.
Here at NCHS, we encourage our students to develop a love for reading. A well equipped library has been set up to encourage the children to read books and gain knowledge in various other fields apart from their prescribed syllabus.
We firmly believe that physical growth is as important as their academic growth. We encourage our children to come out to the ground, that the school has provided, to play and engage them in various other physical activities.
Saturdays are usually enjoyed by the students by competing in various co-curricular activities Every festival is given importance to and celebrated here at NCHS.

Few Techniques which we adapt are

1. Math’s Magic

Under this program we try to erase all the fears from the minds of the tiny tots relating to mathematics. Gradually they develop an interest in mathematics as they realize the magic of it through, Vedicmaths, Abacus and Magic figure technique. These programs reduce their fear and burden and improves the concentration, memory as well as visualizing power.

2. Creative Learning

Creative program increases an individual’s performance by enhancing productivity to bring out the best in them. Memory boosters, Think Wide and Personality Development are the well chosen programs under this category to make the child more vibrant and improve his/her personality by developing mental skills, confidence and cultivating a positive attitude to fight all odds in life.

Communication Classes

To help children succeed in today's world with confidence, it is important to equip them with strong communication skills. The school has introduced spoken english classes for all students which are conducted by specially appointed, qualified and experienced guest faculty.


Yoga plays a vital role in the physical and mental growth of a child. Keeping this in mind, the school has introduced yoga classes for class 5 to 8, handled by experts in the field.

Parents Meet

Parents are encouraged to participate and offer valuable suggestions towards school improvement. Regular meeting with parents are held to inform them of their child’s progress.

Cultural Activities

Apart from imparting a formal education the school emphasizes in strengthening and inculcating a rich cultural heritage in each child. By celebrating the National and other religious festivals, the school fosters feeling of secularism, brotherhood and oneness. It also gives importance to physical and mental activities to bring about overall development of a child.